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Travel Gadgets That Are Too Cool To Resist


There’s something about loading up the car, putting on some awesome tunes, and hitting the open road that appeals to everyone — young or old. It’s the sense of freedom, the promise of fun times, and the relative ease that has made road-tripping one of the great American traditions. Every year when the snow melts away, families, groups of friends, and solo wanderers take to the highways for a big adventure.

Having the right gadgets with you can take your road trip to another level, whether they’re for practical use, entertainment purposes, or things to keep you safe on your journey. But sometimes it’s difficult to know what to pack, and what’s just going to add extra weight to your vehicle. Here are eight travel gadgets you should take on your next road trip.

1. Smartphone mount

If you’re going to be using your smartphone as a GPS navigation system or music player in your car, you need to do it safely, and installing a smartphone mount is the way to go. There are several that are suitable for any model of car, whether it uses a suction cup for the windshield or a clip for the air vent. Just make sure it’s in a place that’s easy to see, but doesn’t obstruct your view of the road.

2. Coffee handpresso

A coffee handpresso is like carrying your own personal coffee machine no matter where you go, but is so small and portable that it will fit in any handbag or daypack. The handpresso allows you to create a cup of joe in minutes with minimal effort. Like a regular machine, it forces the hot water through the coffee beans to produce a delicious shot of espresso. All you need is your favorite ground coffee beans or capsules, a flask of hot water, and a bit of hand pressure, and you’ve got a cafe quality cup of coffee on the go.

3. Solar power bank

If you’re on a multiday road trip where you’re doing any activities away from the car like hiking, or camping, then it pays to have a portable power source. Solar power banks allow you to charge all of your small devices like phones, tablets, and cameras with the power of the sun. There’s no need to worry about running out of power with one of these on hand.

4. Electric cooler

Quick and easy snacks are one of the most important elements of an epic road trip, but there’s nothing worse than opening up the package of food that you’ve worked so hard to prepare only to find that it’s gone bad. An electric cooler is the perfect solution, and there are plenty of varieties to choose from that simply plug into your car’s electricity supply. They’re also handy for chilling drinks to keep you cool on those long summer drives. 

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